Every month at Dot Cotton Club is sure to give you a night to remember, with a great mix of music, drinks offers, themes and space for your own unique style -we even have a laser lit pole-dancing area to practice your moves.  Ready for a night full of friends and fun? Take a peek below at our upcoming schedule and see what we've been up to recently too!


7th September, 2019

This month we're going to try to pack in as many tunes as we can that everyone knows the words to... We want you to lose your voice by the end of the night, so sing your hearts out :-D

POP Tunes!
ROCK Tunes!
SHOW Tunes!



May 5, 2018

With just a few weeks until the Gay Olympics, Eurovision, go crazy on the dance floor to the best EuroPop tunes at Dot Cotton Club!

Waterloo to Euphoria, Conchita Wurst to Gina G, Eiffel 65 and Alice DJ, Aqua, Ace of Base, Vengaboys, Robyn, Martin Garrix, Roxette, The Tamperer, Cascada, Bucks Fizz... this month will be full of the songs you hate to admit you know every word to, with plenty of current stuff to stop your brain exploding! :-)

Vodka jelly shots as always, and feel free to support your favourite Eurovision country with flags or suitable outfits (first person to turn up as a Polish butter-churning girl gets a drink on us!)



April 7, 2018

We're your weather girls, and have we got news for you...This April, you might need a better UMBRELLA if it starts RAINING MEN, but keep dancing and I'm sure we'll find some SUNSHINE AFTER THE RAIN!That's enough of the weather based puns (though there will be plenty of these great tunes on the night), but if you party hard enough you might SET FIRE TO THE RAIN.. or at least the dance floor :-) Now grab your dancing shoes, a vodka jelly or three and let it RAIN DOWN LOVE!